Inspired by his time living in London, our founder created Forge & Foster to reinvent an industry that’s traditionally been rooted in status and exorbitant pricing - previously allowing quality watches for only the far and few.

In order to change this, we have broken free from the traditional business model by being an online company… allowing us to skip wholesalers, distributors, retail fees and sell directly to the consumer and pass these savings onto you.

With this in mind, we forged something that is simple, refined and yet understated. A high-quality watch combining classic British & contemporary style that’s effortless to wear and acts as an extension of yourself... fostering a timeless watch design to be worn for any occasion or style you choose.

It is now our goal to share this vision with the world from our creative studio here in Central London and change the way you think about fashion with Forge & Foster watches.

 We greatly appreciate your support!

Forge & Foster