New Release: The 44mm Vanguard

After 9 months of countless prototyping and development, we’re proud to finally launch Forge & Foster’s most exciting release to date: The 44mm Vanguard - a forward-thinking sport luxury design built for those who wish to make a statement, and is featured in 3 stylish colours: Noctis (Black), Sterling (Silver) and Onyx Rose (Rose Gold).

Vanguard’s inspiration is drawn from the famous anglo-saxon quote in British history: “Fortune favours the brave,” which is something that Forge & Foster’s very ethos is derived from, as we believe in never being afraid to be bold & take risks.

Vanguard was built upon this idea - and the design reflects this - a uniquely different modern watch that is uncompromising, commands respect, and empowers you to live your best self.

It is our hope that you enjoy wearing this watch as much as we have loved building it!

In the future, we will be releasing variations of the Vanguard with replaceable rubber & metal straps as well as more intricate versions... so stay tuned!

Pictures Below: 
44mm Vanguard Sterling (Silver)
44mm Vanguard Noctis (Silver)
44mm Vanguard Onyx Rose (Rose Gold)