Fortune Favours The Bold

Your greatest achievements are always met when faced with adversity.

You’ve likely experienced this, and I’ve personally found this to be true as well.

Prior to Forge & Foster, I had pursued my passion to build an online business against the criticism of my peers. 

I failed more than a few times along the way, but learned from each experience, until I achieved success along the way through the 16-hour day-to-day grind. And these experiences helped to shape the person I am today.

That is why I want to inspire you to live your best life possible.

Fortune favours those who take action while fear paralyses us… and the bold act irrespective of adversity.

Whether it’s preparing for your first date, getting ready for a job interview, or dressing up for an evening affair…

Fortune will always favour the bold, and my hope is our products will inspire you to elevate your best self.


Steve Allen, Forge & Foster