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New Release: The Rebel Series


Rebel by name, rebel by nature. The new Rebel Series is bold, sporty and probably the most daring collection we have created. 

Rachel, our newest member of the team spoke to the founder Steve to learn more about his latest collection ahead of its release.


What has been the main inspiration behind the new Rebel Series?

Like all of our watches, the model name “Rebel” embodies the vision of the watch. The Rebel watch is made to be a sport watch, designed for those who are action-oriented and live life on their own terms.

I feel the Rebel identity shares an identity with a segment of our customer’s lifestyle - individuals who break from the norm and seize opportunities.  



We know you take the naming of your watches very seriously. What led to you choosing Maverick, Renegade and Nomad for the 3 new watches in this collection?

As some may notice, there’s a naming convention amongst the entire F&F collection, where the watch names are in relation to the model name.

Maverick, Renegade & Nomad are words that instantly come to my mind when I think of a “Rebel”. 


How does the new Rebel collection stand out from the rest?

We first launched the Rebel X collection in late 2019, but I felt it could use improvements after assessing customer feedback, so I spent a good half of 2020 updating the specs & design to what it is today.

The new and improved Rebel is now in a 43mm style and is our first sports model watch. It is more action-oriented, and the first to feature a new special foldable clasp, which makes it really easy to put on and off. In fact, it’s one of the highly desired features many of our customers have been looking for and is a perfect fit for the Rebel line-up.

The Rebel X is also our improved line-up, from the original Rebel X watches - Rogue & Valour, featuring the same skeletonized multi-functional movement, but in our new and improved case design. 


Rogue Watch from our Rebel X Series


How important has customer feedback been in designing this latest series? 

There were two important things we did to address improvements, which relied heavily on existing customers, and our community.

We immediately began collecting customer feedback through customer support enquiries, and identified if there are things we can improve on, and build out a list of improvements.

Over time, you see people suggesting the same kind of improvements, and it becomes clear to you what needs tweaking.

If we look at the original Rebel watch, it features a leather strap with a butterfly clasp. We identified through community and customer feedback that the 2 most requested features were a rubber strap and a foldable clasp system. Now customers will be able to enjoy both of these new improvements with the new 43mm Rebel watch. 


Did you get them more involved in the creative process for this collection?

We did! We ran Instagram Stories for the community to get involved, by voting yes/no on elements of the new 43mm Rebel series.

We asked them everything about the strap, the bezel, the dial, and let the community vote on the best ideas. Thousands of votes later, there were conclusive data points we could utilize and improve upon.

As a result, the community had a large say in how this model was improved upon, in conjunction with the customer feedback, and my own personal thoughts.

I would say this is our first “community-collaboration watch” with Forge & Foster, which is really cool to see, as it is something that will continue to define us going forward. 



Who would you say this watch made for? 

This watch is best suited for casual wear in everyday situations, whether that’s being outdoors, having a casual weekend, or on the road on an adventure.


Finally, do you have a personal favourite out of the 3 new models?

The Nomad for sure. I’m a fan of gunmetal / matte black style watches, and the red details pop out quite nicely on the wrist. 


Rebel Series - Nomad Watch


There is no doubt that here at the Forge & Foster HQ we are excited for the launch of this collection just as much as Steve is! The Rebel Series will be launching this weekend, will you be adding these watches to your collection? The Rebel launches on Sunday, March 7th. 



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