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3 Perfect Watches For Everyday Wear

At Forge & Foster, we want you to feel good. We create watches with you in mind. Whether you are going into the office, or off on a romantic getaway, our watches will elevate your look, whilst turning heads wherever you go.

Our bold timepieces combine everyday wear with style, and since we take inspiration from you, our watches are built with you in mind. 

Let us help you decide on your next Forge & Foster investment with three areas you should take into consideration when choosing your watch.


For The Office

When working, there is no doubt a watch is an essential part of your outfit - and not just for practical purposes! Professionalism is key in the office, but let’s not forget to showcase your style. 

To keep your outfit looking slick whilst at work, we would recommended Spectre Steel or Cobalt.

A steel bracelet goes well with a full suit or a more smart casual look. The silver tones of the strap and will complement your office style perfectly, letting everyone around you know that you mean business.

For a Casual Weekend 

Casual Weekends aren’t just all about sweatpants and jumpers. Whether you are hitting the city or staying at home, you will need a watch that can adapt to any situation. You will need a watch to match your plans - even if they do change last minute! 

We think Ghost or Spectre is their perfect accessory for a casual weekend or last-minute plans. Dressed up or down,  this watch works with any look you go for.

Choosing a watch with a rubber strap is more than just about style, they have practicality to them. They have the benefit of being very durable, so will handle a few unsuspecting bumps with ease. 

Our Rebel Series sees newcomers Rebel and Maverick take centre stage. With a sporty edge, and in keeping with a bold aesthetic, they bring style and practicality to any casual look.

An Evening Date

Looking and feeling good is a must for any evening date. When we look good, we gain a new level of confidence, and what better way to help with this than a stunning piece of wristwear. 

We would recommend Paragon or Opus from our popular Maven Series. Their clean dial aesthetics and bold designs will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you’re going for a romantic meal or speaking at a corporate event,  these watches will take your look to a whole new level and make you feel a million dollars. 

Whatever the occasion we have a watch to help finish off any look. Whether you are buying a watch for yourself or for someone else, we can help take the hassle out of choosing. 

Our new Watch Selector will help you discover your new Forge & Foster timepiece and help you feel as good as you look.

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