Work Watches: Tips For The Modern Gentleman

Work Watches: Tips For The Modern Gentleman


Nowadays most people use their computer screen to tell the time at work.

Long gone are the days of wrist watches for a specific purpose; unless you are a discerning gentlemen who understands the stylistic value of a quality wrist watch. Any watch that sits on your wrist is a reflection of your own unique approach to style.

Think of the watch that you wear as the full stop when it comes to defining your style. The following guide will help you select one of the most important timepieces in your collection. The purpose of the work watch Wearing a watch to work is much more than a reflection of your need to know the time.

A quality work watch that emphasises your personal style gives only the best impression, both to those you work with regularly and the clients that you meet for the first time. The modern London city gentleman requires a work watch that has the appropriate balance between functionality, comfort and refinement. It should seamlessly reinforce your approach to style in the workplace.

The work watch in relation to your style When selecting watches for work there a number of factors to consider when selecting the best fit for your style:

 The finish of your work watch should colour coordinate closely with your other accessories such as cufflinks, tie pins and particularly buckles. Bear this in mind when choosing the colour elements of your watch.

 Avoid overly ostentatious designs. This watch shouldn’t draw attention to itself – it is part of the bigger picture when it comes to your style. Your watch for work should fit your wrist snugly and the face of the watch should be comparable to the width of your wrist ideally. You want this watch to demonstrate a sense of assuredness in your day to day work environment.

 Honing your style means that the work watch should use, where possible, natural materials in its construction. Artifice does not belong in the workplace. A work watch should not comprise of more than three colours.

The idea of the work watch is to be sleek and ergonomic, functional yet desirable. Here are our top recommendations for the best work watches:

The Black RoseGold @ £129 Black and gold have always been a classic combination. In this case, the rose gold used on this case is the perfect counterpoint to the black face of this work watch.

The black leather strap complements the face of the watch succinctly, leading to a highly professional finish. Wear this watch with a variety of suit colours; it will never clash yet still assuredly resonate with your look.

The White RoseGold @ £129 Here we remain with the rose gold but add a twist of colour to the face. This watch uses another measured colour combination that is restrained yet assured in its style. Consider selecting this watch when wearing a summer suit to work. The white face will compliment light coloured cuffs particularly well.

The White Silver @ £129 A love letter to modern minimalism, the white silver finish of this work watch is perfect for the working gentlemen. With overtones of clinical regularity this is the perfect watch for when your jacket comes off and your sleeves are rolled up. This watch screams integrity and will offset a three piece suit particularly well - even if you are sans jacket in the boardroom.

The Matte Black @ £149 If your daily work involves a lot of movement then this is the work watch that can blend into the hustle and bustle of your office. Sporting a black mesh strap so the watch sits comfortably despite any vigorous movement, the gunmetal grey detailing is distinctive against the black face without pushing the realms of decency. A masterful take on a classic look.

Your work watch working with your style. When you shake hands with that key client they’ll notice your watch. When you’re in the middle of THAT presentation moving through your narrative the work watch will be centre stage.

Your choice of work watch should compliment your existing style. Consider the watches we have covered:

 The Black Rose Gold - Goes well with gold cufflinks, buckled shoes and black suits. It should suit most suit colours if you tend to wear darker colours.

 The White Rose Gold - Appropriate for flannel suits of any colour, two-tone cufflinks and brogues.

 The White Silver - Consider if you wear glasses, particularly if they are rimless. Ideal for pin stripe suits.

 The Matte Black – If you wear a suit with a smart shirt and the top bottom is undone. Highly desirable in chorus with dark grey suits.

Looking for other combinations for your work watch? Follow the link here to explore the possibilities.